Romantic love is not an ancient relict but an invention of the modern world!

Ancient Love vs Modern Love
In the historical times, people did not know or experience the love that we do today. Dating, marriage and family creation followed other rules. They were not allowed to choose who to love and were denied romantic getaways or adventures.

However today modern love is about freedom, to love and explore, it’s an uncontrollable experience!!!

What is ModernLove?

On this website we explore the Modern World and What Modern Love holds for us!

We ask questions such as how did this modern society and love get so complexed and diverse?


Modern Love and Happy endings!

This is the 20th century and love blossoms in its own atmosphere and the opportunity, challenges and risks are so much greater than it used to be! There are several disappointments and break-ups that modern love experience because of the common perception of what people believe what love should be like!

People often look at romantic novels or movies and this leaves us with the disillusioned and unsatisfied feeling of our real love life.

The team at AModenLove will help you compare what is real and what is not, we are modernized citizens, young and in love and we are here to help you with relationships, dating, romantic getaways and much more!

If you are looking for upmarket modernized destination to take your loved one or simply ideas of how to get that special one to fall in love with you… Then look no further